Incorporated in Uganda under section 18(3) of the companies Act 2012 as BRETHREN YOUTH ORGANIZATION (BAYOG) LIMITED on 14th / March / 2019, BAYOG is a not-for-profit Christian Ministry that supports the spiritual, social and economic welfare of youths and all people in Uganda.

BAYOG is a vision of God’s servant, Andrew Mwebaza, who is so passionate about serving God and His people. Andrew lives in Mukono with his wife (Agnes) and their children (Biological & other god-children). In Mukono, they run a childcare ministry, feeding and accommodating 15needy children. Great thanks to Our Mama (Sandra Lee Gilbert, USA) who is our US President and Projects Manager for the great support towards our children center and their welfare.

Like any other charity organization, we rely on your donations. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to BAYOG. We need your help, as we operate entirely on the voluntary donations of people just like you. And for that, we say thanks. Your gift will truly change the lives of the vulnerable living in Uganda today. We also welcome you to apply to volunteer with us! We accept individuals and teams from all over the world to come and get involved in the various projects. We have various volunteer opportunities including(among others:

  • School ministry
  • Prison ministry
  • Evangelism, door to door, crusades, conferences
  • Hospital ministry
  • Widows ministry
  • Children ministry


Imagine a child left homeless when his mother is sent to prison for defending herself against an abusive husband. Children like this roam the rat-infested, flooded alleys of Uganda slums all day, scavenging for food and searching for shelter. Without help, they would not survive. BAYOGFORLIFE aims to alleviate poverty and facilitate lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable children and families living in remote villages and slums through education, health , food and livelihood programs.

Our vision

Bayog wants  to see No child (orphan), Youth ,old, widows/widower and the disabled in Uganda, or their family members, lacking  basic nutrition, sanitation, healthcare or education.

Our mission

To preach the Word of our Heavenly Father GOD ,alleviate extreme poverty and facilitate lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable children ,Youth and families living in urban slums, remote villages and in schools of Uganda.

What we do

  1. Spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ the savior
  2. Education
  3. Health, nutrition
  4. clothing and social care